Edvin and his boys

There is nothing cooler than a dragon, at-least that is what my 7-year-old thought while we were at the 2018 Maker Faire; so, it only made sense to have a dragon in our picture (left to right: Kyle, Caiden, Edvin).

Kids rule our world, and as parents, we do our best to give them opportunities that we ourselves did not have.  Today our hometown Turlock lacks many STEM-related opportunities that are only found in the bay area. As a vested parent in my children’s future, I refuse to accept geographic location having any bearing on their academic career.  I supplement my children’s education with STEM-related topics as I see fit, and I felt that it was time to make similar opportunities available to other kids in our hometown.

I have been working in a technical capacity most of my career and have an undergraduate degree in computer science and graduate degrees in systems engineering, software engineering, and hold an MBA. I’m involved in our local community and hold a black-belt in martial arts, which I hope to get back into near future.  I’m also a boy scout leader and help keep a watchful eye during outdoor activities while maintaining lifeguard and wilderness first aid CPR/AED certification.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or other opportunities that you would like to see made available to the kids.