It seems like it was yesterday that learning how to type was adequate; however, today’s technology-driven world requires that tomorrow’s citizens are more tech savvy.

As parents we have come to accept that central valley California is not silicon valley; so, our children miss some opportunities that are only available in the bay area.  However, as a vested parent(s)/guardian you take great effort to help your child(ren) succeed; STEM Learning was conceived to share in a common goal, by providing STEM enrichment opportunities.

Professionals ranging from scientific community to marketing professionals used to engage in data analysis using tools like spreadsheets to filter and evaluate aggregate data through pivot tables; however, we are now entering more sophisticated technology era where machine learning for pattern recognition and swarm robots are becoming more common.  For example, we find the self-driving Google car in bay area, Amazon is utilizing swarm robots to expedite fulfillment in our backyard (Tracy California), Hardware stores like Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) in San Jose and Lowes are deploying robotic attendants to help customers find products, fast food restaurants (such as Turlock McDonalds on Country side road) are deploying self-attendant kiosks for placing orders, fashion industry is prototyping garments with 3D printers, and the list of programmable devices ranging from small Internet of Things (IoT) to complex machines is no longer at its infancy.

STEM Learning Education was born to expose students to systematic problem solving (algorithms) that helps prepare them for the future. Similar to learning how to play an instrument in building muscle memory,  students work on problems that strengthen their neural pathway in preparation to comprehend abstract ideas and tackle complex problems.